Creativity / innovation method training: ASIT


Developing products and services in Europe becomes more and more of a challenge. When answering a RFP, the casual "we're expensive but we provide you with the best quality" tend to reach its limits; so how can you come up with something different? How can you provide new solutions (hopefully cheaper ones) to your clients ?

All the companies in your domain share the same market, using almost the same technology, and face the same problems. To come up with something different you need to invent new solutions to new or old problems, you need to find creative solutions. This is why you may consider using ASIT, the efficient creative solving method.
ASIT is a highly structured step-by-step creative thinking method. Result oriented, ASIT drives you towards innovative solution, respecting existing constraints and using the problem source (instead of fighting it). Build on TRIZ theories, ASIT is very efficient; after only a few days you'll be able to master the ASIT tools and bring innovative solutions to your domain.

ASIT creativity method training in English

Training objective

This training will teach you about ASIT toolset and complementary techniques. Most important, you'll learn how to use them for your innovation objectives, in your professional domain, to invent new solutions.

Hands-on training

Using the ASIT method on your own subjects during this training guaranties a "deep training". Trainees will get new practices and will be able to setup their own creative solving sessions.

What ASIT can help you to do:

  • Solving old or blocking problems with innovative solutions (products, services, processes)
  • Finding innovating solutions instead of patching old ones
  • Getting around a patent with a new approach
  • Anticipating alternative solutions when registering a patent
  • Generating, evaluating and proposing daring and differentiating offers to a RFP

Training held in English (or German)

Trainees must be fluent in English (or German): Mother tongue // TOEIC>785 // B2


Solving, Innovation, R&D Experts, Technical Design, Creative Team Management, RFP


Teams: R&D, design department, conception services...
Roles: Experts, Engineers, Technical Managers and Directors...

Training content


  • Concrete examples, to experiment and understand.
  • Smooth move to hands-on exercises.
  • Use of newly acquired competencies on company problems

Training program

Morning (9h00 - 12h30)
  • Introduction to creativity management
  • Interactive part, discover new creative mechanisms
  • Natural creativity blocks and ways to overcome them
  • ASIT theory: 2 conditions and 5 ASIT tools
Afternoon (2h00 - 5h30)
  • Teamwork: from problem definition to ASIT
  • Teamwork: problem solving using ASIT
  • In depth techniques: hands on!
  • Group feedback and first conclusions
Morning (9h00 - 12h30)
Company case study
  • When and how to use ASIT in company environment
  • Problem definition, from company suggestions
  • From a blurry undefined problem to a concrete solution
  • Group case study on company problems using ASIT
Afternoon (2h00 - 5h30)
Company case study (2nd part)
  • Small group work on company case studies (ASIT)
  • From conceptual ideas to concrete solutions
  • Generated ideas management
  • How to present innovative ideas
  • Presentation and analysis of the results
  • Feedback and conclusions

After the training, you...

  • Can identify creativity blocks (functional fixedness)
  • Know about various creativity techniques and how to use them
  • Enhance creativity around you (best practices, new approach to problems...)
  • Manage ASIT toolset to overcome problems and find innovative solutions Identify alternative proposal to RFP
  • Come up with creative ideas and solutions to new and old problems
  • Have used ASIT on company examples, able to use it again later
  • Duration and group size

2 days / 14h

Groups from 6 to 12 trainees

Training requires:
  • A large room for subgroup work
  • A video projector
  • Whiteboard / paperboard

Validation des acquis pédagogiques par QCM en fin de formation.
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SolidCreativity a obtenu la certification Qualiopi au titre des actions de formation.

Certification Qualiopi RNQ

  • Successfull in all domains
  • Prestigious references
  • Courses in English or German
  • Anywhere in the world
2 700 € per day (+ expenses)
  • Flexible: Up to 12 persons
  • Hands-on: Company examples